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I hadn’t realized so much time had passed since my last post. Mea culpa, I haven’t made time for new content. I’d been working my butt off and hanging out in Guild Wars to relax. :-) My apologies to my faithful and adoring readership (all four of you!)

I upgraded WordPress to version 2.0.5 just before I started this post. It was another textbook example of a successful upgrade.

Speaking of seamless and successful updates, I really can’t say the same about Microsoft’s upgrade to IE. IE7 has only been out two weeks, and it already suffers from a bug from the early IE6 days.

I would be willing to cut MS some slack if this was a new flaw. As a developer, I know that bugs happen. No one writes perfect code. But this is an old bug, and no developer worthy of the appelation “world-class” would have missed it. There’s no reason a “world-class” QA department should have missed it either.

If this is indicative of the Trustworthy Computing initiative that allegedly started with the development of Windows Server 2003, then I really, really wonder why anybody will bother to get Vista for anything but the computer games. I mean, that’s all Windows is good for, isn’t it? Oh yeah, I forgot. It’s great for spreading spam bots, too.

This IE7 bug simply proves there is no guarantee, no matter what monkey boy Ballmer and goodie-two-shoes Gates say, that IE7 and Vista won’t bite your ass with the same bugs that plagued IE and Windows for the last half decade.

For the guys up there in Redmond, here’s a freebie development mentoring lesson you have apparently not being taught by your “visionary leader”: regression test.

Trustworthy computing, my ass.

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