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I write articles every once in a while for IBM developerWorks, Amazon Web Services Developer Portal, and

I was lead author and technical reviewer for iPhone Games Projects, from Apress, available June 22, 2009. I wrote two chapters, and verified the technical accuracy of the other chapters.

I also worked on Beginning iPhone Games Development, also from Apress, published on May 14, 2010. I authored the chapters on UIViews and Core Animation.

Below is a list of my articles to date:

IBM developerWorks
2007-11-27 Display Google Calendar events on your PHP Web site with XPath
2008-08-21 The above article was translated to Polish and republished by with my permission.

2008-09-30 Programming native iPhone applications on Windows or Linux using Eclipse CDT (PDF link)
2009-07-20 I turned this iPhone tutorial for IBM DeveloperWorks into a three-hour tutorial, to be presented July 20, 2009 in San Jose, CA for OSCON 2009: Use Open Source Tools to Program iPhone Games on Linux and Windows Without the iPhone SDK.

Amazon Web Services Developer Portal
2007-10-22 Don’t Get Caught with Your Instance Down
2007-12-07 Using Parameterized Launches to Customize Your AMIs
2008-04-14 Patching AMI Instances with Updates on Amazon S3
2008-07-28 Introduction to AWS for Java Developers (contracted to bring up to date the original 2007-07-16 article by Richard Monson-Haefel; he was unavailable to update the article himself)
2008-07-28 Software Load Balancing with Amazon EC2 (co-written with Sean-Philip Oriyano; I provided the installation steps for EC2 and the steps for AMI creation)
2008-03-15 Writing Facebook Applications with Java EE

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