Say what?!?

I receive some mailings from Sun every month. And for the most part, they are entertaining. As in laugh out loud hysterical. But this one takes the cake.

Easier, faster, and more secure the Solaris 10 OS is the only operating system robust enough to address enterprise security, compliance, and business continuity concerns, and at a lower cost and running across more hardware platforms than any other OS on the market.

Excuse me, but “more hardware platforms than any other OS on the market?” I don’t know what Sun’s definition of platform is, but last I checked, Solaris didn’t run on HP PA-RISC and IBM S/390s. Linux does, though. Linux runs on all three platforms that Solaris runs on **snort, yeah they’re beating their chest over three platforms** and then some. And I bet that when they say “OS on the market,” they mean commercially supported OS. Which conveniently disqualifies NetBSD, which is available for over forty platforms.

Hear from Sun’s Vice President of Software Marketing, Peder Ulander, and Vice President of Services Marketing, Brian Winter about how Sun’s Solaris 10 Operating System — the only multiplatform, free, and open source enterprise-class OS on the market — allows you to leverage existing infrastructure investments and anticipate rapid growth by bringing applications and services online more quickly, and at lower support costs, than any other commercial OS offering, including Red Hat, HP-UX, AIX, and Windows.

Whoa, Nelly! “The only multiplatform, free, and open source enterprise-class OS on the market”. That’s likely to get you thrown in court in most free countries, never mind hanged in those run by Sharia law! I’m not saying that Solaris isn’t free, or that it isn’t open source, or that it isn’t multi-platform. I guess 3 platforms does count as multi-platform.

But my beef is with “only”. Say what?!? Are you so desperate, Sun Microsystems, that you have to resort to outright lies? No outgoing links on this post for you, Sun!

For the record, I do like Solaris. It’s false claims like these from Sun which I despise.

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