Get a dream of a web host for cheap!

I have a deal for you if you are looking for inexpensive and reliable web hosting with great customer service (and who isn’t?) I offer you a coupon code for Dreamhost, the best shared hosting service known to me.

When you sign up with this link, you can get a $90 USD discount on a prepaid yearly account, or you can get a $50 USD discount on a monthly account, essentially waiving the setup fee. Disclaimer: I get a $7 USD referrer fee if you signup with this link.

By using this link, you can get 180 GB of space and 1.8 TB of bandwidth use per month, for as little as $29.40 USD for the whole year! This includes a free domain registration (or free domain transfer if you don’t want a new domain,) PHP 4.4.2 and 5.1.2, MySQL 5.0.24a, Python, Perl, FastCGI, Ruby on Rails 1.2.1, one-click web installs and upgrades of Joomla, WordPress 2.1, Gallery2, OS-Commerce, MediaWiki, and many others. And you are not limited to installing only those apps. You can install any other content you want to upload yourself. With Dreamhost, you can also set up your own webmail address for your domain, as well as SMTP and POP servers, and a huge amount of email addresses.

Overall, a really, really good value, and service I really, really am glad to recommend.

Note: if you get to the Dreamhost site, and don’t see the discount applied before you checkout, make sure you enable cookies. If you are using the NoScript Firefox extension, turn it off temporarily for and restart the signup process from this page. If that still doesn’t get you the discount, restart the signup and enter promo coupon code PJTRIX1 in the signup form.

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