More upgrades, more spam, a visit with friends, and a new gig!

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.1.3. It was another flawless upgrade.

Akismet tells me that it has blocked over 1900 comment spam since March 22, and 3,130 since I installed it. I have only had three or four false negatives. That is, spam that wasn’t caught and ended up in my moderation queue. I made an effort to go through all my caught spam looking for false positives, and found none.

So when they flew me to NYC for lunch, I was very sure this company was interested in hiring me (duh!) I had a great time talking with the company CEO and the president, enjoying their wit and seeing their lifelong friendship at work during our discussions. That was quite interesting. I also had a good conversation with a fellow grunt, Sonny, with whom I will probably be working. I start at the new job on April 16.

They paid for my flight, overnight stay, and lunch. The lunch was really enjoyable, both conversation-wise and food-wise. I don’t remember the name of the family-oriented seafood restaurant where we went. It was within two or three blocks of Broadway and 19th Street. I want to go there again and try more items from their menu.

At the end of the day, I received a job offer, which I accepted. I’ll still be working from home as a Ruby on Rails developer, but I will be a salaried full-timer with benefits, instead of an hourly gun-for-hire. I have had enough of the gun-for-hire lifestyle for now, and this opportunity with this company was too good to pass up.

NYC was a hoot. I saw this guy with a giant inflatable cockroach in front of a building. Turns out he was a paid protester! When some group wants to protest something, they hire this guy, and he prints out some flyers, drives to wherever they ask him to go, gets out the giant inflatable rat and/or the giant inflatable cockroach, gets out his bullhorn, and he has a protest! He is also available for political campaigns, but he prefers hanging out with the cockroach and the rat. I thought that was pretty funny.

Another funny aspect of NYC, is that every block has at least one guy in a small plexiglass shop on wheels hitched to a truck, selling a bagel or donut with coffee for about $3. Each of these vendors has enough coffee, bagels and donuts for a few hours of sales. When they run out, they drive to the bakery where they get their goods, stock up, and drive back to the area they were last at, to continue selling their wares.

I really had a good time in Manhattan, and would like to visit again and do more touristy things.

After my interview in NYC last March, I took a train to Lancaster County, PA, and stayed with my friend the sci-fi writer, her husband and twin 3 year old girls. I rented a car to visit my other college friends and an aunt and her husband in Southeastern PA over the weekend. It was great to see everybody and to see them well. I’m glad they all live within one and a half hours of each other.

I am going to be planning a move to the Philadelphia suburbs over the next six months. I don’t own any furniture, don’t have a wife and kids, so it’s just me, my computers, and game consoles. I’ll probably disassemble the two PC clone towers and ship the parts separately, then reassemble them back in PA.

Wednesday is my last day at the hourly Rails gig. It has been a crazy seven weeks. We’ve been ready to go live for the last two weeks or so, but the client wanted some changes to how a few things worked. And of course that meant new bugs to stomp.

I’ve thrown in a few hints as to what the site is about, specifically mentioning yesterday’s Malaysian Gran Prix in a previous post. I can’t wait to show off what we’ve worked on. It really is a cool site. Latest news is that we go live Wednesday, but I’m taking that with a grain of salt. So don’t hold me to it.

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5 Responses to More upgrades, more spam, a visit with friends, and a new gig!

  1. Mark Forman says:

    Hey dude-wow first visit and you met a human cockroach terrorista-kewl. Only in my home town. Congrats dude-hope it works out for ya. Look forward to checking out the front end of your Ruby back-end.

  2. I hear tell that after said visit the dreadpiratepj has been given the rather emasculated nick of Uncle Peaches. You still want to move back here?

  3. Hello sci-fi writer friend! Uncle Peaches is the sweetest nickname I’ve ever had the pleasure of having. Also, “sticks and stones may break my bones …”

    Mark, your home town is really really cool! Any town where it is possible to find coffee and donuts at any street corner is really really cool.

  4. Ken Nelson says:


    Congrats on the new gig, and you won’t be far away from me after the move. It is possible to navigate from here to there without driving the stinking I-95.

    I’m up to my neck in Linux clusters and GFS filesystems; those days will pass, and I’ll get back in the TWAC race of blogging and commenting 😉

    I haven’t done justice to either over the last month or so.


  5. Hi Ken, thanks for visiting!

    I know a little bit about how to navigate from VA to PA. When I used to live in Greensboro, NC, I consulted for Atlantic Mutual Insurance Companies in Roanoke. And my ex-wife’s stepfather’s family and my friends lived in PA. We used to drive up to PA from NC during the holidays. Took Rt 202 from Greensboro to Roanoke, and Interstate 81 from Roanoke to Harrisburg and other points northeast.

    I’ll be sure to give you a visit some time. We can hit the ABC store for some bourbon or whiskey worth sampling. 😀

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