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Blog Reboot for 2012

Some months ago, I received a message from someone on LinkedIn, asking why I had not updated this blog in the last few years. And frankly, I didn’t have a good reason. Posting new content just didn’t continue being a … Continue reading

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My first book is finally a go! Woo hoo!

From February to April, I was working evenings and weekends fulfilling a dream I’ve had for many decades: writing a book about a subject I really care about: game development. On June 22 2009, Apress is publishing a book I … Continue reading

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Can You Hear The Wind Blow

Photo by liferfe. The mobile software market is becoming very exciting, and I’ve been watching with interest. I’ve been learning iPhone development for the last ten months, first with the jailbreak toolchain, and in the last six months with the … Continue reading

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My beach, where I grew up

(This post was inspired by Evil Genius Chronicles, Lunches at the Beach.) I grew up in this very town, 37 miles west of San Juan on the north shore of Puerto Rico. This very house where I live now was … Continue reading

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Starting the new year right, three weeks late

I wanted to write this post before 2008 started, but better late than never, huh? — I’ve been working with Ruby on Rails for over 18 months now, and it continues to be a lot of fun. There are still … Continue reading

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More upgrades, more spam, a visit with friends, and a new gig!

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.1.3. It was another flawless upgrade. Akismet tells me that it has blocked over 1900 comment spam since March 22, and 3,130 since I installed it. I have only had three or four false negatives. … Continue reading

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Racing To The Big Apple

I’m flying to NYC this afternoon, for a lunch / interview Thursday. The company interviewing me has been in business for nearly 15 years, with Linux and BSD, Perl and Interchange as their platform (Interchange is a Perl-based e-commerce platform.) … Continue reading

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I’m still alive here …

I survived the crazy work schedule and lack of sleep from my recent gig. I know there are still a few outstanding bugs, less than 5, but they are not critical. They are so non-critical, our employer is giving us … Continue reading

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More like rakin’ in da dough …

It’s been two and a half weeks since I started my most recent freelancing software development project. Two and a half weeks of 20 hour days and seven day work weeks. Yep, if this project were to end today, I … Continue reading

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Bringin’ in da dough, baby!

Last Wednesday, I sent emails and résumés for various job posts, and by that afternoon, I started getting nibbles. It was weird! Whereas I barely got any attention for over a dozen job applications I sent out between September and … Continue reading

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