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LD30 begins

I’m excited to start developing a game for the LD30 game jam. I’ll be using the Phaser HTML5 2d game development framework. I’m going to make all the work on a Chromebook Pixel using apps from the Chrome Store. I … Continue reading

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Another article fresh out of the oven

I just got word from my editor at that my latest article was published yesterday. The article is called “Writing Facebook Applications with Java EE” and you can find it here. The amount of information out there on writing … Continue reading

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Much Railing Lately

I’ve been at my new job only four weeks, and my first project is nearly finished. My task these past four weeks has been the re-implementation of the company’s website in Rails. I was to do this from scratch, while … Continue reading

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Bringin’ in da dough, baby!

Last Wednesday, I sent emails and résumés for various job posts, and by that afternoon, I started getting nibbles. It was weird! Whereas I barely got any attention for over a dozen job applications I sent out between September and … Continue reading

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