Another article fresh out of the oven

I just got word from my editor at that my latest article was published yesterday.

The article is called “Writing Facebook Applications with Java EE” and you can find it here.

The amount of information out there on writing Facebook apps with Java is scarce, and what is out there for Java Facebook applications, is often incomplete. I hope the article helps Java Facebook developers start on the right foot.

It was interesting returning to work with Java, even if only for the few weekends during which I wrote this article. I hadn’t developed in Java at all in almost two years. I was surprised I hadn’t forgotten any important details.

I have another article for Amazon Web Services submitted and in the editing pipeline. It should be coming out in the next few weeks

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2 Responses to Another article fresh out of the oven

  1. todd says:

    Thanks a lot for the article! It was a very useful getting started guide. It can take forever to work out all those details. Nice to have it all in one place.

    Any recommendations for what to do next to create a real life breathing app?

  2. Hi Todd,

    I’m glad you liked the article and that you feel it was helpful.

    As for helpful hints for making a real life app, keep reading this weblog! I was waiting for the first article readers to stop by. Now that you’ve come by and asked, I will be posting more tips for Facebook apps, starting this week.

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