Really excited about WordPress 2.5 upgrade

Over on the WordPress Development Blog, they’re pimping the upcoming WordPress 2.5 and the release candidates process before final release, and it sounds awesome. It includes a boatload of new features, but my favorite has got to be one-click plugin upgrades.

Upgrading WordPress itself is fairly easy, but upgrading your plugins can be an annoying manual process. You have to disable the plugin on the admin dashboard, download the new version, move the old files out of the way and put the new ones in place, then re-enable the plugin on the dashboard. You typically do this one plugin at a time, to check for problems and rollback as needed. Take my word, it’s annoying doing this for more than two plugins at a time, even though it is still a fairly easy process.

In 2.5, the WordPress developers have now made plugin updates as easy as in desktop applications like Firefox. That makes the whole management of the weblog much easier and more hassle-free than it ever was.

I am probably going to wait a few weeks once 2.5 is out, to let any bugs and issues shake out. But it sounds like a really worthwhile upgrade. I’m really glad to run WordPress here. Hats off once again to the WordPress developers.

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One Response to Really excited about WordPress 2.5 upgrade

  1. Mark Forman says:

    I’ve been using 1 click plugin for a while. Much better. 2.5 sounds good-hope more stable than some of the other 2’s

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