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iPhone Development on Windows & Linux with open source tools

Yesterday I presented at OSCON 2009. I spoke about how to use Eclipse and the iPhone-dev team’s GCC cross-compiler to develop for iPhone on Windows & Linux. I also spoke about XMLVM, an open source project that lets you develop … Continue reading

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My first book is finally a go! Woo hoo!

From February to April, I was working evenings and weekends fulfilling a dream I’ve had for many decades: writing a book about a subject I really care about: game development. On June 22 2009, Apress is publishing a book I … Continue reading

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Obligatory WordPress upgrade post #10101010 and other rumblings at Chez PJ

So today I updated WordPress to 2.6.5. And like every other time, it was a cinch, all over and done in less than five minutes. Thanks, WordPress guys! In other news, I have been geeking out with both the iPhone … Continue reading

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Rush Concert Photos

On Friday, April 11, 2008, I went to see Rush open their 2008 Snakes and Arrows concert tour at Coliseo de Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR. I had an awesome time with my pals Alejandro, Cesar and Kevin. We were … Continue reading

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